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At A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. our primary focus is putting our healthcare professionals career needs first.

At A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. our primary focus is putting our healthcare professionals career needs first.

Every staffing agency will advise you that they are concerned about their people. Obviously, we're all concern about their people, staffing agencies depend on linking excellent people with vacant job opportunities. At A-1 Healthcare Placements we pride ourselves on executing excellent candidate advocacy service. We don't just fill jobs. Our service is dedicated to being a proactive career advancement support system, while educating and connecting our candidates with awarding career opportunities that accommodate their personal career preferences. So if you're truly passionate about providing health care services and are interested in being considered for some of the best medical and healthcare positions available join our team today.

Our Values:

As a healthcare company, we are loyal to putting people first, honesty and principles, quality and professionalism, constant improvement, and development. Our commitment to these values is what in fact differentiate us from healthcare companies. While many other companies focus on doing what is most excellent for the business, but A-1 Healthcare Placements focus on being the best support for you. We're committed to putting our candidates at the core of everything we do. Our culture regarding people focus on environment of respect of people, caring about people and support for people. Getting improved each day is part of our people-centric culture. We are moving our company ahead by improving ourselves, our culture, and our business. We are working hard to guarantee precision and sincerity. All of our procedures and decisions are guided by an solid dedication to honesty and ethics. By searching for the best in ourselves and to motivate and promote others to conduct business fairly. We work hard to ensure clearness and honesty in all relations and communications. We grasp ourselves to exact standards when appointing healthcare professionals. At A-1 Healthcare Placements we look for to realize the desires of our healthcare professionals so we can better serve them.
About section
A-1 Healthcare Placements Inc., is a unique healthcare placement and executive search firm committed to healthcare professional career advocacy, not to be ...
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Refer A Friend
Referring a friend is how we grow our family.  Our refer a friend bonus is how we show our appreciation.  We want you to refer your friend just because you...
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We Customize Your Career Search
Customized Career Search:   A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc., by design is a unique health care placement company. Unlike any health care staffing company, A-...
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Learn About Our Services
Why choose A-1 Healthcare Placements?  At A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. we pay attention to our client’s needs, prepare our candidates for cutting edge ...
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BENEFITS Why work for A-1 Healthcare Placements? Meaningful one-on-one care Flexible Scheduling Work in your community Weekly Pay Industry leading pay rates ...
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Total Staffing Solution Services
Why A-1 Healthcare Placements ?…    Because we have talent ! A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. takes the extra step in procuring quality talent for vast amou...
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Our Testimonial

Thank you, A-1 and my co-workers it’s such a pleasure working with you guys.
I have been an employee of A-1 Healthcare Placement for 24months and so far so good the staff treats me with respect.
I am very satisfied and fulfilled with my employment with A-1 Health Care Placement. Very happy employee and great co-workers.
By Jennifer Patterson - Registered Nurse
I have worked for A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. for the past 7 years, at two different facilities, in two different states. I have never been disappointed.Our standards are high and our customer service is the best I have encountered.
By Marilyn Dawson- Clinical Manager
A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. has been my preferred choice for temporary, and contract staffing needs for several years. I have had the pleasure of working successfully with A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. at two different facilities, and their ...
By Thomas Freyer
For the last five years, working as a nursing administrator in two different acute care health facilities, A-1 Healthcare Placements, Inc. has been such a journey and ultimate ride the co-workers are families if that’s possible of a workplace....
By Neymar Moore

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is your company’s “our family time” service about?
Our family time service is a way making our candidates part of our family by offer participation of events and personal interactions with our company. We implement this service by offering promotions, contests and newsletters focused on our team a...
+ What if I want to go to a place for which I have not active license?
A-1 Healthcare Placements have recent job opportunities in 50 states across the country. If you want to go to a state that you do not have an active license in, our team can guide you in the correct way of how to begin the process. The greater par...
+ What states does your firm service?
A-1 Healthcare Placements currently staff in all 50 states and internationally.
+ Does your agency offer benefits?
Yes, we do offer benefits through our internal managed care options program. Please speak to a placement specialist for more details.
+ How quickly will I be placed?
Once all required documentation has been received and you have accepted an assignment we will submit you for the position you desire then if that client is interested in conducting an interview it will typically occur within about 10 business day...
+ What type of placement services does the firm provide?
A-1 Healthcare Placements provide locum tenens, permanent, temporary and per diem career placements. By design, our business model is to be a specialized advocate for our healthcare professionals. We provide each candidate with a customized career...

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